Conservatories: Cost effective & value adding home extensions

For decades, home owners have been adding more space to their homes by building either single or two story extensions. Normally, from the same building fabric as their existing property. But in recent years, many single story extensions have been replaced by conservatories.

5 ConservatoriesConservatories are rapidly becoming the new home extensions for a variety of different reasons. One reason is cost. A conservatory is without doubt the cheapest way of creating that much needed additional living space. Typically costing only half that of a traditional brick built extension.

Buying a Large Lean to Conservatory – what options are there?

Conservatories are also extremely versatile and are used for many different purposes, the most common being an additional family sitting area. Other popular uses include dining rooms, play rooms, games rooms and occasionally, even kitchen and utility areas.

conservatory kitchen designAnother major advantage of a conservatory compared to a traditional brick built extension is the speed of which it can be built. Typically, conservatories are completed within four weeks, compared to two to three months for a regular extension. Often they do not require planning permission approval.

In addition to the above benefits, a conservatory provides a very different atmosphere to any other room in the home. It’s light and airy feel and close connection with the outside provides a pleasant and relaxing environment for the family to enjoy.

Most modern conservatories are constructed in PVCu, which requires very little maintenance compared to traditional timber built models. They are available in a variety of options and specifications.

PVCu colour options include white and several woodgrain finishes. Style options include the traditional ‘lean-to’ type which is normally the most economical to build and Victorian and Edwardian styles can also be chosen, depending on which suits the property best.

Conservatories are now far more energy efficient than they used to be. There is a large range of insulating glazing types available which save on household heating costs and helps conserve the environment. You can find buyers guides and get free quotes at

Conservatories Are the New Home Extensions